Don’t Despair, Repair!


Claimed as one of the best top secrets of hair stylists comes Don’t Despair, Repair! mask by Briogeo pronounced [bree-oh-jhee-oh]. This hydrating deep conditioner makes wonders, especially when your hair needs a little TLC. Hey, who can blame us for soaking up the sun during Miami’s hot summer which lasts more than a season? But I’d digress. The truth is that sometimes this can result in either a sunburned scalp or, if not all, at least some hair strands with dead ends. Well, it is possible to mend the damage and let your hair drink the benefits of this mask. You’ll only need 5 to 10 minutes!

To find a beauty product that has 95% of natural and naturally derived ingredients could be quite a quest. Well, now you know what you are putting in your hair because all Briogeo hair care products are eco-friendly (including the packaging). No synthetic fragrances, parabens, artifical colors or anything that you cannot pronounce goes in each bottle. Frizzy hair, brittle hair, dry hair, thin hair… all types and textures of hair are addressed leaving you with nothing but luster and healthy looking hair. The best part? Locally we can experience it at Brownes Merchants & Trading Co. whether in South Beach (1688 Jefferson St) or Miami Design District (32nd NE 39th St.).


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